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One girl's audacity to dream, ignites the awakening of a people. Her pursuit of knowledge is threatened by an impending arranged marriage. Set in the rolling hills of the Jos Plateau in Northern Nigeria, Laraba follows the awe-inspiring journey of a curious teenage hawker with dreams bigger than what tradition allows her.

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About Velocity Studios

Velocity Immersive Media City is driving the emergence of Sub-Saharan Africa’s premier Virtual Production facility, in a bid to train and roll out the Film Production Work force of the near future at margins that attract international productions, and support the narrative ambitions of Sub-Saharan Africa's Storytellers.

Film & TV Production || Immersive Media Design Training in 3D/VR/AR || Virtual Production Workflow Trainings || 3D Volumetric Display Studio Rental & Virtual Productions || Sound Stages & Studio Rentals ||  Post Production Services || Immersive Media Talent Exchange Programs || Annual Hybrid Program With Pan African Cohort
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All Videos

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