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There exists a gross absence of voices from the last mile in storytelling in the Nigeria, especially in its Northern Parts.

We seek to harness the power of technology to amplify the voice of African Storytellers in underserved communities, by providing them the tools, and skill set to better tell their own STORIES.

Labari is a skill acquisition platform powered by nuggets of detailed shortform lessons from the industry's most trusted local and global players in Film Making, Writing, Journalism, Poetry, Publishing and Distribution. The courses offer an end to end first hand kit to storytelling, traditional & digital distribution, as well as revenue generation, allowing the acquired skill serve as a tool for social, as well as financial empowerment for its users.

Why? Because we believe in the Power of  Filmmakers and Storytellers to bridge the misinformation gaps in a way that depicts their experiences at its most authentic, even under circumstances of strict censorship.

Labari sets up its users with special data packages backed by low energy consuming phones at very low rates, and a bearable payment plan, allowing them access to the this repository of knowledge even in the most rural of areas, and today.

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