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The Velocity Virtual Training Academy in Partnership with the World's global leading gaming platform, will oversee the execution of a strategic year round hybrid training curriculum that will see the cream of our creative and technical talent from across Africa accepted into the program, and equipping the majority with in-demand revenue generating skills, while retaining the top talent to work alongside our global best on independent & projects from across the globe.


Virtual Production

  • Intro. to Virtual Production

  • Intro. to Photography in Virtual Production

  • Intro. to Lighting in Virtual Production Course

  • Intro. to Virtual Production Design.

Visual Effects

  • Foundations for Visual Effects

  • Intro. to Houdini FX

  • Intro. to Nuke Compositing

  • Houdini FX Course

  • Nuke Compositing Course


Game Development

  • Foundations for Game Art & Animation

  • Intro. to Game Design

  • Intro. to Game Programming

  • Game Design Course

  • Game Programming Course



  • Intro. to 2D Animation

  • Intro. to 3D Animation

  • 2D Animation Course

  • 3D Animation Course

  • Adv. 2D Animation Course

  • Adv. 3D Animation Course


3D Modeling

  • Intro. to 3D Modeling

  • 3D Modeling Course

  • Adv. 3D Modeling Course


Digital Painting

  • Intro. to Concept Art & Digital Illustration

  • Concept Art & Digital Illustration Course

  • Adv. Concept Art Course

  • Adv. Digital Illustration Course

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